My Apologies

A reason as to why I have been absent from posting is I have been without a computer; my laptop kept crashing after five minutes of use. Among other things. My lovely significant other is building me a new PC and, at the moment, I am using my new Samsung Chromebook. If I couldn’t do it on my phone, it couldn’t get done. I am back, however.

I noticed that last time I posted something was a year ago. My crashing laptop was a recent phenomenon. I can’t remember why I have been away so long. The generic answer is work and school; I am taking Stratford Career Institutes online course in Video Game Design. Video games are a passion of mine, as well as art.

I did a couple paintings before my laptop crashed; I painted a portrait of a lion and a lioness for a friend for the nursery. And while that friend was celebrating life, another was mourning the loss of her cat, whom I also painted a picture of.

I am returning to what I love doing, which is art. I was recently invited to join Graphicker; I just created my profile today. Prior to that, I joined ArtStation, and I have been a member of DeviantArt for 4 years, just not an active member; only last week did I decide to put my art up for sale. After I regain access to my files on my laptop, I intend to post the photos to the blog.

I appreciate you all and thank you for your patience.

Tell me what you think!

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