Here’s a Bit About the “MonriaTitans & WGS” Tumblr

Above is an embedding of the “Site Map” for the Tumblr; it’s a pinned post. You should be able to find everything you need through it. If not, you can ask.

Everything posted to WordPress would have been going to Tumblr, but I don’t remember if I ever announced it. So, I am now. Here’s the road map (there are a few branches):

WordPress > Tumblr > MonriaTitans Twitter
WordPress > BEmpowering Twitter
WordPress > The Weekend Game Show Facebook Page

In addition, this Tumblr is not used solely for WGS. For time management purposes, I use it to consolidate posts from a myriad of social media accounts:

becomempowered Instagram > Tumblr > MonriaTitans Twitter
MonriaTitans Instagram > Tumblr > MonriaTitans Twitter
Artstagram > Tumblr > MonriaTitans Twitter

The Instagram accounts have their own Twitter accounts and FB Pages they post too as well, but that’s enough about links for this post.

Lastly, any post regarding The Weekend Game Show shall have the WGS Logo as the Featured Image.

Tell me what you think!

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