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Quote by Jesse Schell

Normally, I am one of those people who doesn’t like to talk about themselves; this is outside my comfort zone.

I first went to Virginia Wesleyan College, majoring in Creative Writing and double minoring in Studio Art and Classical Studies. I later completed Stratford Career Institutes’ course on video game design in and it inspired me to participate in Full Sail University‘s video game design program beginning in January of 2018.

With my skills, I hope to eventually change the way video games are perceived. I believe the belief is that video games are for children, or people get the image of a creepy nerd, but that is not, entirely, the case. According to Raph Koster, game designer, and author of A Theory of Fun for Game Design, who sums up games quite well, “That’s what games are, in the end. Teachers. Fun is just another word for learning.”

Video games are an art form; they combine story with immersion, drawing people in a similar fashion to books. They can tug at the heartstrings and, inversely, be used as an education tool; Zoombinis is a perfect example of this. I played it when I was a kid, found it later, and found myself staying up until midnight when I played it again. It is a game of strategy, memory, and a bit of tactical planning. Long story short, you are trying to get the oppressed Zoombinis to their new home.

Getting to the point, there is more that can be achieved with video games that the other forms of entertainment can only hope to achieve and I wish to help games get there.

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