D&D Haikus

I was scrolling through a D&D group on Facebook (can’t remember which one because I have joined so many) and someone posted a comment asking people to write a Haiku about their character; I wrote 3 for the post, but there’s going to be more to come.

Ria – Aarakocra
Are you scared to fly?
Here’s a big rock for you, dwarf.
Feel better now, friend?

Anja Sand – Halfling
You want to be an
idiot? Okay. That’s fine.
I’ll sit back and watch.

Adelaide Walter – Human
I will give you a
hand. But time is money. What’s
in it for me, hmm?

This 14-Year-Old Boy Just Wrote The Most Important Poem Of The 21st Century

This 14-Year-Old Boy Just Wrote The Most Important Poem Of The 21st Century

Our Generation

WORLD •  • FEB 27, 2014 – 9:48AM

If you’ve ever lost faith in this generation or the next one, this 14-year-old boy may give you just enough hope to get through the day.

Derek Nichols decided to post a poem written by his younger brother, Jordan, who seems to be wise beyond his years.

My Favorite Poem- “Cross” by Langston Hughes

My Favorite Poem:

“Cross” by Langston Hughes

My old man’s a white old man
And my old mother’s black.
If ever I cursed my white old man
I take my curses back.
If ever I cursed my black old mother
And wished she were in hell,
I’m sorry for that evil wish
And now I wish her well
My old man died in a fine big house.
My ma died in a shack.
I wonder where I’m going to die,
Being neither white nor black?

The reason as to why I love this poem so much is because I can relate to it. My parents are still alive and the race is swapped (my mom is white and my dad is black), but it really made me think about my situation.

It made me think of something that happened to me when I was younger.

My father use to take me to playgrounds all the time when I was a kid. One day, a white van pulled up to one of them and a mother and her two kids got out. Her kids and I went to go down the slide.

The mother asked my father if I was mixed and he said,

No, she’s black.

That astounded her. But while that was happening, one of her kids turned around and said to me,

Niggers aren’t allowed on the slide.

The woman rushed to her kids, looked at my father and apologized and he said,

Uh uh. You taught that little muthafucker that. Now I get to teach my daughter how to box.

What do you think about this? Comment your answer. I really want to know.