How Far Away? – Episode 2: Mira HQ

Hello everyone. Welcome to the second episode of my mini-series How Far Away where I go around the maps of Among Us in Freeplay to see how far away you can be before the Use, Vent, Kill, and Report buttons pop up. We are doing Mira HQ today because it is the least popular map amongst streamers I’ve watched, which makes it the less known.

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I do not know when I will be able to make another video for I am currently having issues with the audio; everything is static.


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How Far Away? – Episode 1: The Skeld

Hello everyone. Welcome to my mini-series, “How Far Away?” where I go around the maps of Among Us in Freeplay to see how far away you can be before the Use, Vent, Kill, and Report buttons pop up. This is the first episode, on The Skeld, and it appeared if you are approached a body from the North or South, you “spotted” it more quickly than you would if you were approaching from the East or West.

If you found this helpful, please consider hitting the Follow button, but since I don’t have another game to analyze after Among Us, yet, hold off on subscribing. But, if you like to read, and want to help small business, please check out my bookshop on the site Bookshop, the Etsy for small business bookstores, of which I am an affiliate.

Also, please check out my Discord, the Titans as well as my other social media shown. And here’s where I’m calling it. Thank you all for watching, may all your decisions be in the spirit of fairness, and have a nice rest of your day.

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d&dHomebrews: Bard Subclass – College of Harmony

College of Harmony

“Magic is to serve man and never to rule over him.”

Bards of the College of Harmony take the phrase, “Know Thyself,” to heart. They know the power of an education and endeavor to ensure everyone has access to it. They are head librarians, headmasters, or tenured professors in universities inspiring confidence and discipline in others while maintaining it within themselves.

Charity, educator, and self-reflection in equal measure, Bards of Harmony normally live in monasteries or temples, living a structured, communal lifestyle while also assisting their neighbors and communities. A favorite of many is to entertain in the children’s ward of hospitals or assisting the elderly.

If a Bard of Harmony feels compelled to leave their community, it is either because they’ve been invited to teach, their charitable nature is needed elsewhere, or a threat needs to be dealt with. But the last thing you will ever do is take a Bard of Harmony’s kindness for weakness.

Rhythmic Fighting

When you join the College of Harmony at 3rd level, because of the time spent in monasteries, you have gained mastery of unarmed strikes. You gain the following benefits:

  • You can use Dexterity instead of Strength for the attack and damage rolls of your unarmed strikes.
  • You can roll a d4 in place of the normal damage of your unarmed strike. If you are wearing armor, the die drops by one because of the additional weight. For example, if you are rolling a d4 for damage, and you are wearing armor, you roll a d3 instead. The die changes as you gain bard levels, as shown in the Without Armor and With Armor columns of the table below. 
  • When you use the Attack action with an unarmed strike on your turn, you can make one unarmed strike as a bonus action, assuming you haven’t already taken a bonus action this turn.



Without Armor

With Armor














































18th 1d8





20th 1d10


Extra Attack

Starting at 6th level, you can attack twice, instead of once, whenever you take the Attack action on your turn.


Also at 6th level, as a bonus action, you can internalize your magic to empower your unarmed strikes for the purpose of overcoming resistance and immunity to nonmagical attacks and damage. You cannot cast spells while your magic is internalized. Internalization lasts until you choose to externalize your magic, also a bonus action. 

In addition, while your magic is internalized, you receive physical enhancements:

  • Your movement speed increases by 10 at 6th level, 15 at 10th level, and 20 at 14th level.
  • Your roll Dexterity saves at advantage.
  • Your roll Constitution saves at advantage.
  • At 20th level, you suffer none of the frailty of old age, you can’t be aged magically, and you last twice as long without food and water.

Outside of combat, you can internalize or externalize your magic at will.

Empowered Inspiration

Starting at 14th level, you can grant someone you touch plus your proficiency bonus to one ability check, attack roll, damage roll, or saving throw, but it must be used within the next 5 minutes. You can use this ability as many times as equal to your Wisdom modifier during a 24-hour timespan. It recharges if the ability is not used again after 24 hours.

D&D Haikus

I was scrolling through a D&D group on Facebook (can’t remember which one because I have joined so many) and someone posted a comment asking people to write a Haiku about their character; I wrote 3 for the post, but there’s going to be more to come.

Ria – Aarakocra
Are you scared to fly?
Here’s a big rock for you, dwarf.
Feel better now, friend?

Anja Sand – Halfling
You want to be an
idiot? Okay. That’s fine.
I’ll sit back and watch.

Adelaide Walter – Human
I will give you a
hand. But time is money. What’s
in it for me, hmm?

20160530-0531, 0612: The perfection that was once “Once Upon A Time”…

Of all the things that would drive me to write in my journal, this is one of the interesting reasons. Interesting to me, anyway.

I could be upset over the election; how they’re trying to shut Bernie out, how Hilary is, supposedly, under investigation by the FBI (I haven’t been following her all that much) and how Trump is a dirt bag, to put it lightly. There won’t be much of a country left if he becomes president. Any progress that we could have in the country won’t happen under him. These thoughts are just ADDING to my nightmare.

My nightmare is what USED to be my saving grace. The election isn’t helping. My saving grace was supposed to be my get away. Now, it doesn’t help me at all…

The perfection that was once Once Upon A Time. I was always at the edge of my seat. I remember how excited I was when I found out the show was still on the air. I had discovered it on Netflix. Most of the time, when I find a show on Netflix I like, the shows are canceled. The Secret Circle, based on a series of books; NUMB3RS, a crime series where they used advanced mathematics to solve crimes. I was ECSTATIC about Once Upon A Time still being on the air! I have a rough day at work, I always had Once Upon A Time to look forward to on the weekend. Until the season 4 finale aired. Then everything went downhill. At least, for me.

I kept watching into Season 5, hoping the mistakes I saw throughout would eventually be explained or rectified. I did not watch season 6; if season 6 is where they are now. It’s kinda hard to tell, sometimes. The plot, after the season 4 finale, stopped making sense. It was the little things. My brain sometimes makes connections when something big happens, like them needing to find Merlin when, in actuality, they should have been looking for Yen Sid. HE is the real owner of the magical hat. THAT was the trigger that helped me spot everything else. Before the next season came out, I was furious.

“What the hell was Merlin, who should be ‘Yen Sid‘, doing? Taking a nap?”

Then we find out he was trapped in a tree. For a thousand years. WHY were we not told this sooner? THAT should have been the first episode! Finding out how the first Dark One came to be is more important than a stupid curse. Everything with “Merlin” should have been explained first. The curse was the AFTERMATH a thousand years later. And what has happening during those thousand years? How did someone get the dagger from Nimue? And, after watching that episode where Killian betrayed everyone and tried to bring back all of the previous Dark Ones…

  1. Why were there so many? Who did that happen?
  2. Why did they have magic? Why did Nimue still have the scaley face when she stepped off of Cheron’s boat?

Think back, for a moment, to when Rumple killed Zoso and his “scales” passed to Rumple. Zoso returned to normal. Why, when Nimue stepped off Cheron’s boat, did she have her “scales”? Her power was passed to the person that killed her. She would have returned to normal. She would have died magic-less, which is exactly how she should have stepped off Cheron’s boat. Along with everyone else that stepped off with her.

But that’s just one issue, and that’s towards the end. After Rumple managed to transfer the power of the Dark Ones to himself, I gave up on the series.

Excalibur chooses its miracles? Why would it choose to allow Rumple to take the power instead of destroying it?

Back to the beginning. Like I said before, the “Merlin” thing was a trigger for EVERYTHING! My mind, my nightmare, starts towards the beginning. Where Merlin should have been.

What was going on during those thousand years? What was going on during the first 500 when Merlin was walking around? What was he running from and why was it never mentioned again? Why wasn’t he able to grant his apprentice eternal youth when he clearly had eternal life? Who was the first author? Who was the author Isaac replaced and how did he die?

What was happening to the land, to the kingdoms, after 1,500 years? We get that little bit with Rumple and moving forward, but not so much beforehand. And what the hell was Rumple doing during those two hundred or so years he was the Dark One? And I say two hundred because Killian, at one point in season 4 (which was brilliant until the end, by the way) said he was two hundred thirty-three years old. Rumple was no the Dark One for all two hundred thirty-three years, and, seeing as how we don’t know how old Killian was when Rumple became the Dark One, two hundred some odd years was how long he was the Dark One. Yay for hypothetical math!

For twenty-eight of those years, he was in Storybrooke. What was he doing before that? Besides searching for his son.

What was Merlin’s apprentice doing during the 1,000 years Merlin was stuck in the tree (or was he the tree?)? Besides guarding the hat and governing Isaac. And why does the Author have a name, but not Merlin’s apprentice (or did I miss it?)? Why wasn’t he guiding Arthur?

Merlin, from inside the tree, was sending messages to Arthur, which eventually drove him mad. His apprentice didn’t seem to have any problems communicating with him. In particular, after David and Snow put Emma’s darkness into Lily; the apprentice had NO problem talking to Merlin then.

Why didn’t Merlin have his Apprentice guide Arthur?
Because it wasn’t written that way.

What happened to the Apprentice after he, I presume, died?
What happened to Isaac after Snow and David caught him trying to escape Storybrooke?
Why did crushing Merlin’s heart for the curse work?

Let’s get to that later.
Need to discuss Killian, first. He’s stuck in my head at the moment, for him becoming a Dark One makes ABSOLUTELY no sense! To me.

The tethering spell Merlin came up with to bind his psycho ex to the dagger was brilliant. It backfired because he couldn’t bring himself to kill the woman he loved… didn’t stop her any. Bitch.

Anyway, the tethering spell also bound her power to the dagger. Duh.
Kill her with the dagger, all the power of the Dark One goes to the killer. Duh.
How did tethering Merlin to the other end of Excalibur make him a “Dark One”? Emma told him, “if anyone can fight the darkness, you can”. What? He didn’t have any darkness. Emma had it all after she became the Dark One. If anything, Merlin was the “Light One”.

Emma pulled the darkness from Merlin, that he shouldn’t have had, to turn Killian into another Dark One. There was that scene where we could see the darkness leaving Merlin.

W? T? F?

Even if Emma moved the tethering spell from Merlin to Killian, it wouldn’t have kep him alive. If anything, after his name appeared on Excalibur, it would have begun to fade like Rumple’s name began to fade from the dagger after Killian poisoned him. How the hell would Killian have become a Dark One? I don’t recall any of the darkness passing from Emma to him. THAT would have made more sense. Take the tethering spell from Merlin and then the darkness from Emma. TA-DAH!

Then there’s the magic. Something I question about Rumple as well.
How did he, Killian and Emma suddenly have control of their magic? Nimue, too, for that matter.

Zelena was born with it; had trouble controlling it her entire life until she was taught. Ingrid was born with it; it kicked in to save her sisters and she had trouble with it the rest of her life. Until she was released from the urn… How the hell did she learn how to control her powers?
And Elsa didn’t learn to control her magic until she trained with Ingrid, which now makes no sense.
Then there’s Emma, who started off having trouble controlling her magic until she learned to accept it. Then she became the Dark One and started off having issues controlling her magic in the beginning and then…


Suddenly, she has perfect control. We didn’t see the Rumple copy giving her a bunch of lessons, just egging her towards the “Dark Side”. Interesting thing about that is the fact that she was never “evil”. She answered her own question(s).

She was asking Merlin if there was a way to use the darkness for good; turns out you can. She was doing that, in her own strange way. She had Viola (I think) break Henry’s heart, then, when she erased their memories of it and that embarrassment with Viola’s father, they were able to start over. They got another shot.

Don’t quite understand why erasing Killian’s memory changed anything about who he was. Should he have been a Dark One? No. But that doesn’t being I’m not going to question the aftermath. Why would erasing his memories have stopped him from “behaving” like his evil self? Why wasn’t Rumple’s double egging him on? Why wasn’t he catching onto the fact that he probably wasn’t SLEEPING? Dark Ones don’t sleep. And, if the dagger makes a ringing noise, why didn’t he hear it?
Because that’s how it was written.

So, what happens with the curse now? It was case twice. To send everyone home, who has to break it? Killian, Snow or both of them? Or are they stuck in Storybrooke because of the overlay?

Let’s get off the plot, a little bit, before I lose my mind more than is necessary. A little bit.

Rumpelstiltskin was the plot driver. He was the one who drove Regina “mad” enough to cast the curse to begin with. He drove the plot a few other ways, too.

He taught Cora magic, which led to a relationship, which led to her putting her own heart in a box because she loved him so much. He was distracting her from achieving her ultimate goal. Power. I’m a little confused as to why she had not tried to kill him sooner. Oh. Wait.
It was written that way.

Side note: If her ultimate goal was power, she was FUCKING STUPID (because she was written that way)! If power was the motive, psychologically speaking, Rumple would have been PERFECT! With Merlin being a tree, Rumpelstiltskin was the strongest individual around! What/who was more powerful than him? What Cora wanted, the way she was written, was the spotlight. Rumpelstiltskin was a background power; a wasp on the wall waiting for the perfect moment to sting, which was NOT where Cora wanted to be. She wanted to be able to FLAUNT her power. Plus, I highly doubt Rumple would have cared if Cora had kept Zelena. He would have been there.
End side note.

Cora’s actions drove the plot as well. Setting it up so Regina could save Snow, leading to Daniel’s death (Henry Daniel Mills) and Regina marrying Snow’s father, blah, blah, blah. Had Rumple not taught Cora magic, none of that would have happened and we wouldn’t be where we are today.

TO BE CONTINUED – need a break…

Chapter Twenty-Nine: Remember Me?

© Copyright of ABC’s Once Upon A Time

A Once Upon A Time Fan-Fiction

Grey Areas

Chapter Twenty-Nine

Isaac catches Mim before she can hit the ground. The energy is absorbed by the glyph. Rumple holds Emma back when the glyph dims. Then everyone is blinded again.

“Oh, come on!” Kristoff cries out, rubbing his eyes.

Someone is lying in the third piece of the “pie”; a woman with long wavy hair in a glowing, translucent bodysuit. A dark blob flies around the glyph, slamming into the barrier frantically.

“Morgan.” Emma clarifies. “But what’s wrong with Dani?”

“MIM!” Rumple shouts, appearing next to her; Belle, Baelfire and Snow follow.

“Emma!” David says, embracing her.

“We’ve gotta get Morgan.” Emma declares when David lets go.

“Not with Dani going haywire.” Regina exclaims, but Emma charges in. “EMMA!”

“Are you okay?” Emma asks, turning Morgan onto her back.

“Dani’s lost their memories.” Morgan states, holding out a hand. “Help me up.”

“What?” –Emma pulls Morgan to her feet– “How?”

“For centuries, Dani’s psyche and mind have been bound to others.” –Morgan leans on Emma for support– “To suddenly be split, twice, caused a memory wipe.” –they look back when they hear a crash; Dani had slammed into the barrier again– “I was protected by the light suit.” –Ingrid runs over and supports Morgan on the other side– “Dani is just as scared and confused as they were when they were first born.”

“What can we do?” Emma asks as Dani slams into the other side of the barrier.

“Help her remember.”

“I’ve got her.” Elsa says to Emma. “Go help Dani.”

“Dani!” Emma calls and the blob stops in mid-air.

“Emma!” Snow rushes towards her.

“Do you remember why your name is Dani?” Emma asks, slowly approaching, Snow stopping next to Emma.

“Because,” a child’s voice responds, bringing everyone but Emma to a halt, “Dani works for a boy and a girl.”

“Blue needs to see this.” Morgan says to Anna.

“Why am I stuck in here?” Dani asks.

“Because we were bound,” –Emma moves forward, slowly– “and you and your aunt were bound.” –Dani stops moving– “This glyph separated us.”

“Why is everyone scared of me?”

“Because, prior to me, everyone you were bound to used your power to do horrible things,” –Dani begins to whimper– “but it wasn’t your fault.”

“I don’t remember.”

“It’s lying!” Blue declares, making everyone, but those who saw her exit the vase, jump.

“YOU!” –Dani appears behind Emma and Snow and slams into the barrier, trying to get to Blue– “You were always mean to me!” –Blue stands firm, glaring– “I never did anything and you were cruel!”

“You are darkness!” Blue snaps. “You can’t be trusted!”

“Dani saved my life!” Snow scowls, standing between them. “Multiple times!” –she looks down at Rumple over her shoulder, him kneeling next to Mim– “You never knew.”

Snow ran through the forest, leapt over fallen logs, climbed trees and swung on vines to get away from the Evil Queen’s guards. They had been chasing her for a while, but Mim’s training was working. She was beginning to lose them. Snow climbed as high as she could into one of the tallest trees and hid in the branches, putting the camouflage cloak Mim had given her to good use. The guards galloped away. Snow had to stifle a laugh. She waited fifteen minutes before jumping into the tree next to her. To think, travelling via tree tops used to be difficult! She ran out of tree when she arrived by the side of a river. She, slowly, descended the tree as she looked through the trees. Snow stops, then barrel rolls, dodging a fire ball.

“Why, hello!” Snow looked across the river to see Regina, donning her usual, scary looking black gowns.

Guards jumped in out of nowhere, but Snow heard them coming. She punched one in the throat, ducked, then low kicked another. Regina was stunned.

“Well, well!” Regina exclaimed, laughing when Snow threw a guard into the river. “Someone’s learned some new tricks!” –Snow ran back into the woods– “That’s not going to work!” –she appeared in a puff of purple smoke and blocked her path; Snow drew her sword– “And what makes you think that’s going to help you?”

“It summoned me.” –Rumple left hooked Regina in the face as the sword in Snow’s hand turned to ash– “Forget” –Regina’s memories are gathered into a small, purple marble– “We don’t need you knowing we were here.”

“Dani?” Snow asked and Rumple/Dani smiled at her. “How?”

“Not a good place to explain.” –they find themselves in an open field– “That’s better!”

“Is Rumpelstiltskin still… there?”

“Why wouldn’t he be?” Dani laughed, walking towards the closest patch of woods.

“How did you know where I was?” Snow asked, following.

“The sword mother gave you.”

“Why did it turn to ash?”

“Because it served its purpose.”

“Mim is definitely your mother.” –Dani laughed– “PLEASE start making sense!”

“That was a sword of light you were holding designed to summon me when I was needed the most.”

“It was linked to the bit of light inside you that you absorbed when you were created!”


“So,” –she jumped over a fallen tree right after Dani– “she gave me the sword, knowing Regina would find me eventually, in the hopes the sword would cause the two of you to disconnect!”

“Now you’re catching on!”

“A reason behind the reason and a backup plan for the backup plan.”

“Yeah… the disconnect won’t last much longer, however.”


“Not my body.” Dani answered, matter-of-factly as they stopped walking to look at her. “I can’t take control of him forever.”

“Technically, you’re sharing the body.”


“What’s the catch?”

“When he’s in control, my aunt and I can see and hear everything. When I’M in control, he’s locked away. He will have NO memory of this. I won’t do that to him more often than I need to.”

“Why didn’t Blue trust you again?” Snow asked and Dani’s demeanor completely shifts to sadness. “I’m sorry.” –she gave Dani a hug– “You and I both know Mim will find a way to help you when she’s strong enough.”

“And, unfortunately, Rumple can’t know THAT either.” Dani stated. “He’s grown quite addicted to my power.”

“Mim was afraid of that.”

“Yeah.” –Dani pointed down a path– “That way will take you to a small village. Nice people. They’ll help.”

“Thank you, Dani.”

“No.” –Dani grinned– “Thank you.”

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Want to know what happens next? I’ll let you know soon!