How Far Away? – Episode 2: Mira HQ

Hello everyone. Welcome to the second episode of my mini-series How Far Away where I go around the maps of Among Us in Freeplay to see how far away you can be before the Use, Vent, Kill, and Report buttons pop up. We are doing Mira HQ today because it is the least popular map amongst streamers I’ve watched, which makes it the less known.

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20160530-0531, 0612: The perfection that was once “Once Upon A Time”…

Of all the things that would drive me to write in my journal, this is one of the interesting reasons. Interesting to me, anyway.

I could be upset over the election; how they’re trying to shut Bernie out, how Hilary is, supposedly, under investigation by the FBI (I haven’t been following her all that much) and how Trump is a dirt bag, to put it lightly. There won’t be much of a country left if he becomes president. Any progress that we could have in the country won’t happen under him. These thoughts are just ADDING to my nightmare.

My nightmare is what USED to be my saving grace. The election isn’t helping. My saving grace was supposed to be my get away. Now, it doesn’t help me at all…

The perfection that was once Once Upon A Time. I was always at the edge of my seat. I remember how excited I was when I found out the show was still on the air. I had discovered it on Netflix. Most of the time, when I find a show on Netflix I like, the shows are canceled. The Secret Circle, based on a series of books; NUMB3RS, a crime series where they used advanced mathematics to solve crimes. I was ECSTATIC about Once Upon A Time still being on the air! I have a rough day at work, I always had Once Upon A Time to look forward to on the weekend. Until the season 4 finale aired. Then everything went downhill. At least, for me.

I kept watching into Season 5, hoping the mistakes I saw throughout would eventually be explained or rectified. I did not watch season 6; if season 6 is where they are now. It’s kinda hard to tell, sometimes. The plot, after the season 4 finale, stopped making sense. It was the little things. My brain sometimes makes connections when something big happens, like them needing to find Merlin when, in actuality, they should have been looking for Yen Sid. HE is the real owner of the magical hat. THAT was the trigger that helped me spot everything else. Before the next season came out, I was furious.

“What the hell was Merlin, who should be ‘Yen Sid‘, doing? Taking a nap?”

Then we find out he was trapped in a tree. For a thousand years. WHY were we not told this sooner? THAT should have been the first episode! Finding out how the first Dark One came to be is more important than a stupid curse. Everything with “Merlin” should have been explained first. The curse was the AFTERMATH a thousand years later. And what has happening during those thousand years? How did someone get the dagger from Nimue? And, after watching that episode where Killian betrayed everyone and tried to bring back all of the previous Dark Ones…

  1. Why were there so many? Who did that happen?
  2. Why did they have magic? Why did Nimue still have the scaley face when she stepped off of Cheron’s boat?

Think back, for a moment, to when Rumple killed Zoso and his “scales” passed to Rumple. Zoso returned to normal. Why, when Nimue stepped off Cheron’s boat, did she have her “scales”? Her power was passed to the person that killed her. She would have returned to normal. She would have died magic-less, which is exactly how she should have stepped off Cheron’s boat. Along with everyone else that stepped off with her.

But that’s just one issue, and that’s towards the end. After Rumple managed to transfer the power of the Dark Ones to himself, I gave up on the series.

Excalibur chooses its miracles? Why would it choose to allow Rumple to take the power instead of destroying it?

Back to the beginning. Like I said before, the “Merlin” thing was a trigger for EVERYTHING! My mind, my nightmare, starts towards the beginning. Where Merlin should have been.

What was going on during those thousand years? What was going on during the first 500 when Merlin was walking around? What was he running from and why was it never mentioned again? Why wasn’t he able to grant his apprentice eternal youth when he clearly had eternal life? Who was the first author? Who was the author Isaac replaced and how did he die?

What was happening to the land, to the kingdoms, after 1,500 years? We get that little bit with Rumple and moving forward, but not so much beforehand. And what the hell was Rumple doing during those two hundred or so years he was the Dark One? And I say two hundred because Killian, at one point in season 4 (which was brilliant until the end, by the way) said he was two hundred thirty-three years old. Rumple was no the Dark One for all two hundred thirty-three years, and, seeing as how we don’t know how old Killian was when Rumple became the Dark One, two hundred some odd years was how long he was the Dark One. Yay for hypothetical math!

For twenty-eight of those years, he was in Storybrooke. What was he doing before that? Besides searching for his son.

What was Merlin’s apprentice doing during the 1,000 years Merlin was stuck in the tree (or was he the tree?)? Besides guarding the hat and governing Isaac. And why does the Author have a name, but not Merlin’s apprentice (or did I miss it?)? Why wasn’t he guiding Arthur?

Merlin, from inside the tree, was sending messages to Arthur, which eventually drove him mad. His apprentice didn’t seem to have any problems communicating with him. In particular, after David and Snow put Emma’s darkness into Lily; the apprentice had NO problem talking to Merlin then.

Why didn’t Merlin have his Apprentice guide Arthur?
Because it wasn’t written that way.

What happened to the Apprentice after he, I presume, died?
What happened to Isaac after Snow and David caught him trying to escape Storybrooke?
Why did crushing Merlin’s heart for the curse work?

Let’s get to that later.
Need to discuss Killian, first. He’s stuck in my head at the moment, for him becoming a Dark One makes ABSOLUTELY no sense! To me.

The tethering spell Merlin came up with to bind his psycho ex to the dagger was brilliant. It backfired because he couldn’t bring himself to kill the woman he loved… didn’t stop her any. Bitch.

Anyway, the tethering spell also bound her power to the dagger. Duh.
Kill her with the dagger, all the power of the Dark One goes to the killer. Duh.
How did tethering Merlin to the other end of Excalibur make him a “Dark One”? Emma told him, “if anyone can fight the darkness, you can”. What? He didn’t have any darkness. Emma had it all after she became the Dark One. If anything, Merlin was the “Light One”.

Emma pulled the darkness from Merlin, that he shouldn’t have had, to turn Killian into another Dark One. There was that scene where we could see the darkness leaving Merlin.

W? T? F?

Even if Emma moved the tethering spell from Merlin to Killian, it wouldn’t have kep him alive. If anything, after his name appeared on Excalibur, it would have begun to fade like Rumple’s name began to fade from the dagger after Killian poisoned him. How the hell would Killian have become a Dark One? I don’t recall any of the darkness passing from Emma to him. THAT would have made more sense. Take the tethering spell from Merlin and then the darkness from Emma. TA-DAH!

Then there’s the magic. Something I question about Rumple as well.
How did he, Killian and Emma suddenly have control of their magic? Nimue, too, for that matter.

Zelena was born with it; had trouble controlling it her entire life until she was taught. Ingrid was born with it; it kicked in to save her sisters and she had trouble with it the rest of her life. Until she was released from the urn… How the hell did she learn how to control her powers?
And Elsa didn’t learn to control her magic until she trained with Ingrid, which now makes no sense.
Then there’s Emma, who started off having trouble controlling her magic until she learned to accept it. Then she became the Dark One and started off having issues controlling her magic in the beginning and then…


Suddenly, she has perfect control. We didn’t see the Rumple copy giving her a bunch of lessons, just egging her towards the “Dark Side”. Interesting thing about that is the fact that she was never “evil”. She answered her own question(s).

She was asking Merlin if there was a way to use the darkness for good; turns out you can. She was doing that, in her own strange way. She had Viola (I think) break Henry’s heart, then, when she erased their memories of it and that embarrassment with Viola’s father, they were able to start over. They got another shot.

Don’t quite understand why erasing Killian’s memory changed anything about who he was. Should he have been a Dark One? No. But that doesn’t being I’m not going to question the aftermath. Why would erasing his memories have stopped him from “behaving” like his evil self? Why wasn’t Rumple’s double egging him on? Why wasn’t he catching onto the fact that he probably wasn’t SLEEPING? Dark Ones don’t sleep. And, if the dagger makes a ringing noise, why didn’t he hear it?
Because that’s how it was written.

So, what happens with the curse now? It was case twice. To send everyone home, who has to break it? Killian, Snow or both of them? Or are they stuck in Storybrooke because of the overlay?

Let’s get off the plot, a little bit, before I lose my mind more than is necessary. A little bit.

Rumpelstiltskin was the plot driver. He was the one who drove Regina “mad” enough to cast the curse to begin with. He drove the plot a few other ways, too.

He taught Cora magic, which led to a relationship, which led to her putting her own heart in a box because she loved him so much. He was distracting her from achieving her ultimate goal. Power. I’m a little confused as to why she had not tried to kill him sooner. Oh. Wait.
It was written that way.

Side note: If her ultimate goal was power, she was FUCKING STUPID (because she was written that way)! If power was the motive, psychologically speaking, Rumple would have been PERFECT! With Merlin being a tree, Rumpelstiltskin was the strongest individual around! What/who was more powerful than him? What Cora wanted, the way she was written, was the spotlight. Rumpelstiltskin was a background power; a wasp on the wall waiting for the perfect moment to sting, which was NOT where Cora wanted to be. She wanted to be able to FLAUNT her power. Plus, I highly doubt Rumple would have cared if Cora had kept Zelena. He would have been there.
End side note.

Cora’s actions drove the plot as well. Setting it up so Regina could save Snow, leading to Daniel’s death (Henry Daniel Mills) and Regina marrying Snow’s father, blah, blah, blah. Had Rumple not taught Cora magic, none of that would have happened and we wouldn’t be where we are today.

TO BE CONTINUED – need a break…

I entered a poem into a Poetrynation contest!

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20150724-0725- Question

Friday [18:32]

New journal. First page was a pain in the ass. Got the date and time on it for my own personal notation… What I find amusing is the fact that I am using it to write down my Academic Transcript from college.

Saturday   [16:00]

I might be moving to Arizona…? Dad has another Country Club opportunity and seeing as how I, once again, have nothing, I’ll probably have to go with him. If he makes the decision to go. We just moved here and we are talking about moving again.

I’ve been trying to get my book published, but I keep running into dead ends. “Words are but pictures of our thoughts,” John Dryden once said and, right now, my thoughts are manic. I don’t know what to do or where to go. My closest friend is an hour’s walk away. People are trying to recruit members of the Alliance so as to break it down. My bank account is in the negative because I didn’t cancel the last student loan payment soon enough, so my dad has to continue paying for everything. The manager at the job I supposedly got hasn’t called me back with the training schedule. My final pay check didn’t come in from my previous job and I lost my login to be able to check if I am going to GET another. I asked the manager about it and didn’t hear back. I may have to go with dad to work and walk over so as to see what’s up with the training.

On the upside, these banquet meals have coupons in some of the boxes and I saw a think on the Rachael show about smart shopping. A woman working full time still needs food stamps to feed her kids, but $267 a month is gone quickly. And she can only afford junk. SO, she was shown how to smart shop for healthy foods and only spent $61.50ish on healthier foods for her family using the deals the store provided. That’s amazing! I told dad about it. He showed interest. I’m gonna see about applying it.

Dad, sis and I saw HOME today. It was funnier than I thought it would be. And the three tickets only cost $12. We snuck in candy, but we bought, dad bought, popcorn there. Rihanna’s songs were played all throughout the movie and they made it fit quite nicely! Wouldn’t mind watching that one again. When I’m not playing Bakery Story. Add me: MonriaTitans! 😛

THAT GAME IS SO ADDICTING! I love and HATE my aunt for introducing it to me! I also learned today that her son is my second cousin, aunt being my grand-aunt. And my cousin’s daughter is my first cousin once removed. Why is she removed? What does “removed” even mean in that sense, anyway? And why must we name everything?


Why are people so fixated on cars? Why doesn’t anyone wanna walk anywhere or take the bus? Why don’t they have bike roads in every state so they can ride on the road without worrying about potentially getting hit? Why are bicycles considered “vehicles”, anyway? Why is there something “wrong with you” if you don’t have a licence or just plain don’t want one? Why do people judge to begin with? Why are there racists, sexists, narcissists and assholes in the world? Why can’t we just accept that not everyone is exactly the same? Why are there people who thing we should all be exactly alike? The only thing we should all be agreeing on is the fact we are human beings and should all be treated with dignity and respect. Equally. We should not be accepting “because you are a woman” or “because you are a man” as reasons to NOT be allowed to do something.

Wanna wear a dress? Go ahead.
Wanna wear high heels? Go ahead.
Wanna be the CEO of a company? Go ahead.

Problem is, people are biased. If a dude is a dick, he’s called a good leader. If a chick tries that, she’s a bitch. She needs to be “nicer”. Fuck you. How about guys get their heads out of their asses and accept the fact that woman can lead and women stop tearing each other down. Girls. Girls need to stop tearing each other down. Women build each other up. Boys are dogs. Men are what women are supposed to be looking for.

I need to start making videos and putting them on YouTube. Again. When I was at mom’s house, it was easier. More privacy. Here… it’s possible, but limited time. I’m too used to having a crappy computer. I need to remember [16:59] I have a laptop with working sound, now. Need to NOT break my headphones with a mike. Could be an issue. I’ll need to make the videos when my dad does NOT have a day off, preferably. Don’t need him interrupting me. Should I sing or talk? Both, perhaps?

Should I start with a review, perhaps? Or should my first video be random. I like random. Rehearsing something would get boring after a while, which would then cause me to start forgetting. I tend to do my best work on the fly, I’ve noticed.

I write journal entries on impulse. I find that amusing. I tend to find everything amusing, until it bores me. Now I have a block…



Bored. Tired. Tired of not getting anywhere. Tired of being nagged like that’s supposed to help.


I wish it wasn’t so hot out. I’d go for a walk. Take the dog, too. Walking my resume to different places seems too desperate. Don’t wanna come off that way.

20150518 and 0601- Pitying Isaac and more questions…


20150518 [13:53] Monday

I can relate to Isaac. I went to school wanting to be a writer and that hasn’t happened in the getting my book published sense. Starting a blog… or four seemed like the next best thing. I must say, it has been interesting. My laptop crashing threw me off course, so I read or played video games when I wasn’t working. Isaac is actually a relatable character for people who want to follow their dreams but keep getting denied. He basically embodies the lengths people would go in order to obtain their life goal. Or, in this case, their happy ending. Which is why he and Rumple got along… well enough. Isaac became a “villian” when he started to see everyone as characters to be manipulated instead of people with thoughts, feelings and desires. Rejection can drive people to do ridiculous things because the rejection makes them desperate.

20150601 [15:51] Monday

I’ve been doing some reading, and working, since I last wrote and I read some quotes that fit OUAT and Isaac specifically.

A man sees in the world what he carries in his heart. -Goethe

It fits Rumple, too. All of his and Isaac’s pent up rage and desperation twisted how they looked at the world and its people to the point where all they saw was ants. Ants and characters in a story. Rumple sees a bunch of people he can step on while Isaac sees everyone as a “character”, proven by his conversation with Regina. He even called HER a character at one point. By doing that, he allowed for some distance between him and everyone else, which made it easier for him to write Heroes and Villians. No… that’s not right. BECAUSE of the disconnect, he lacked empathy. They weren’t people to Isaac, just characters to manipulate in a story. Writing Heroes and Villians was NOTHING to Isaac. Just like killing somebody is NOTHING to Rumple. I think they were twins or something in another life. Clones. Isaac and Rumple could be best friends… close friends if they’d lower their walls. Too bad they’re not capable of that anymore.

Monsters are real and ghosts are real, too. They live inside us. And, sometimes, they win. -Stephen King

Rumple, somehow, fell to a lust for power. And, now that we know the Dark One is a seperate entity, we know it was taking over. Rumple being power mad, for whatever reason, made the eventual takeover easier. Belle coming along merely delayed the inevitable. Although, now that I’m thinking about it, maybe it was the Dark One that was power mad… and he was letting Rumple believe him searching for his son justified it.


Wait… I was talking about Isaac. Well, kinda hard for me to NOT make the parallel. They’re so much alike, he and Rumple, it’s kinda astounding. The only difference, personality wise, is the fact that one is more willing to kill than the other. Now, Isaac may have left Henry to be killed by the ogre, but he didn’t actually do it himself. He doesn’t have it in him. Thankfully. He would rather just manipulate a situation or someone so that they’ll do the dirty work. “Evil” Snow, “good” Rumple. A bit of a sadist, really. Has fun watching people deal with the pain he caused. He sent Lily away because it made for a “better story”. Thankfully, the Apprentice had enough sense to lock him in the book, but, unfortunately, NOT enough to put a note on the door, or something, that would tell people NOT to open it and why. But, he’s not a killer. Which he probably got from Merlin. Which is probably why he hadn’t destroyed the Dark One yet. Huh…

And writing the Dark One out of the story wouldn’t have helped? No. That would change a LOT of history. I wonder if Isaac realized that when Regina wanted him to write Zelena out of the story? It, basically, would have changed time like Zelena wanted to do before! By writing Zelena out of the story, Cora wouldn’t have gotten pregnant and she would have married Snow’s dad without any interference. Whether or not Zelena would have been conceived again is another matter, but writing Zelena out of the story would change history. For better or worse. Not that Isaac would have cared. He just likes to manipulate tings for his amusement. Just like Rumple. Kinda glad they didn’t stay buddies…

Light thinks it travels faster than anything, but it is wrong. No matter how fast light travels, it finds the darkness has always gotten there first and is waiting for it. -Terry Pratchett


The closer you get to the light, the greater your shadow becomes. -Kingdom Hearts

Life is a balancing act. Not necessarily good and evil, but definitely right and wrong.

20150516-0517 WTF? Once Upon A Time Season 4 Finale Imploded Their Story!

20150516 [14:13] Saturday

I restarted the entry. Ripped the page out of my journal. My thoughts were getting jumbled because my mind moves faster than my hand. Let me begin again…

I waited a while before deciding to come to any conclusions about the Once Upon A Time’s Season 4 finale. I loved it until the end. Did I have a problem with Emma sacrificing herself to save Regina? No. And yes. The reason for the “no” is because it was in Emma’s character to be selfless. I had a problem with the fact that Emma had to make the decision to begin with. And upon making that realization, it brought about other realizations and that got me asking questions:

  1. If this Merlin fellow (who should really be named Yen Sid) had the power to be rid of the Dark One, why hadn’t he already? And why do we only care about the Dark One being eradicated now that a being of light has become the vessel for it?
  2. If the Dark One is such a threat, why tether all that power to a person to begin with so that it can be abused? Why not lock it up in a similar manner to the way Ingrid was imprisoned?
  3. What was Rumpelstiltskin doing or, better yet, NOT doing that Merlin didn’t feel the need to be rid of him sooner?
  4. Why didn’t Merlin react when Rumple turned his apprentice into a mouse?
  5. If the Dark One was destroy-able by one person, why was that dark power passed along so many times? Passed along at all?
  6. Why would they make it so that the Dark One could be destroyed to begin with? By one person? It would have destroyed the entire story if Zoso had never been there for Rumple to kill and take the Dark One from.
  7. Why do we only care about finding a way to get the Dark One now that Emma has become the vessel? And why are we supposed to freak out about it to begin with?
    • It has been established at this point that the Dark One is a separate entity. So, if Rumple was able to control it then you best believe that the Savior; a light magician; the product of True Love can maintain control. Just like Henry is the perfect person for the role of the Author (which should really be called Historian), Emma should be the PERFECT person to contain the Dark One.
  8. And with Emma now being the most powerful person in the show, why are they trying to take that away? And why have all the most powerful people in the show been men?
    • Think about it for a minute. For EVERY season, the most powerful individual in the series has been Rumpelstiltskin. He had to kill his father, Peter Pan, to get there, but that still proves my point about the most powerful people being men. Every woman who has ever been able to match Rumple has been gotten rid of.
    • Cora is dead.
    • Zelena, who was MUCH more powerful than Cora (confirmed by a letter written to Cora from Rumple) was made even STRONGER with a pendant, which, if removed, brings her down to nothing. Even stripping her of the power she had from birth. She was more powerful than EVERYONE! BY HERSELF! But if you take away her jewelry, she is nothing. Think about that for a minute. Now, Zelena is cuffed and locked in an insane asylum, leaving Rumple to be the most powerful individual. Until Emma became the Dark One’s vessel.
    • Now HERE we have the opportunity to have a BADASS woman with the combined powers of Light AND Dark magic, but, no. We’re supposed to be concerned. Not applauding about the fact that a woman has finally risen through the ranks; concerned. Regina has proven that possible already. She didn’t even have her HEART and she was STILL able to cast Light magic despite her many years of using Dark magic.


Now, I didn’t give a damn about Rumple being the most powerful individual because of Robert Carlyle’s performance. I mean… SHIT! Why haven’t I seen him in anything else? But now that a woman has all the power and it’s about to be taken away, I now have a problem with Rumple himself after making more connections. Several in fact :

  1. If all the time Merlin (Yen Sid) had the power to be rid of the entity known as the Dark One, Rumple should never have had the power to begin with.
  2. Rumple’s character development is inconsistent – he shouldn’t have become a cowardly pushover:
    1. Yes, he has abandonment issues because of his father, but he was raised by two women who loved and cared for him, proven by the story he told Zelena when he first stared training her. He should have bounced back. Especially since he was a kind, compassionate, determined and CONFIDENT little lad. Him being raised by those two strong women should have kept him that way.
    2. We see Rumple as a confident child and then as the pushover adult. What the hell happened in his teenage years for him to make that switch? Teenage years are CRUCIAL to development and we didn’t see any of that.
    3. How did he get that beautiful looking bitch to be his wife anyway if she was so worried about image? (And why on earth would she think that her becoming a tavern wench in response to Rumple becoming branded as a coward would help anything?) If she was so scared of their family being branded as cowardly, Rumple did something SPECTACULAR for her to forget that for a while and marry him. We didn’t see that either.
  3. Why didn’t Rumple become a spree killer after obtaining the Dark One’s powers? The simple answers is, “His son was present,” but what about when he was gone? Why didn’t Merlin (Yen Sid) feel the need to destroy him?
    1. Let’s look at what we’ve got so far and pick a stresser, a “reason” for his psyche to crack and cause him to become a psycho:
      1. Before becoming the vessel for the Dark One:
        • Father abandons him (minor, considering who raised him after, but made important anyway in the story)
        • He returns home from the war to be told by Queen B. that she would have preferred that he died so their family would look better.
        • Queen B. becomes tavern wench.
        • Queen B. “dies” leaving Rumple to raise Baelfire on his own.
        • Baelfire about to be recruited to the war effort.
        • Rumple humiliated by being made to kiss someone’s boot.
      2. After becoming the vessel for the Dark One:
        • All the pain from before he became the Dark One’s vessel pilled on top of each other in addition to…
        • The Dark One is fueling his negative emotions.
        • Baelfire rejecting his change. Repeatedly.
        • Peter Pan luring him away and putting him in a position to feel abandoned again (now HERE  the abandonment is important because it would have caused flashbacks).
        • Blue giving Bay the magic bean without consulting Rumple first causing the two to be separated (Yes. Blue. She is partially to blame, too. Rumple’s hatred is not misplaced. In my opinion.).

20150517 16:09 Sunday

Wow. I didn’t think ANYTHING would tear me away from yesterday’s entry, besides work, but my dad and sister introduced me to American Horror Story Asylum. Didn’t stop watching until the evening. Holy shit… Zachary Quinto did WAY too well in that part! And that’s all I have to say about that.

Back to Rumple! Who is, believe it or not, my favorite character despite all the questions I have been asking about his flawed development. Because of Robert Carlyle. Goodness gracious…

Back to “After becoming the vessel for the Dark One”:

  • He finds out that not only his wife is still alive, she ran off with a pirate. Then she had the nerve to say she was planning on coming back for Bay, despite the fact she never even at least let her SON, her flesh and blood, know she was still alive. THIS is his trigger right here, seeing as how he rips her heart out and crushes it.
  • He gets his hopes up only to find out Killian tricked him and still has the magic bean he wanted to use to find Bay.

All THAT should have shattered his psyche and made him become a spree killer. Am I glad, for the sake of the show’s ratings, it didn’t? Yes. But it had me asking more questions: did he gain all the knowledge of he previous vessels and he improved upon it or was he trained by someone? If that was explained, I missed it. But, still, even if all that pain didn’t cause him to go on a killing spree, he should have AT LEAST had the same problem as Emma when she became an emotional wreck and lost control of her powers. Prior to that loss of control, Emma accidentally heated up a bottle of milk because she was worrying about what Ingrid was doing.

Getting to my point so I my thoughts don’t consume and confuse me: how is Rumple so calm, cool, collected and calculating? What, or who, calmed him down enough from his emotional turmoil for him to become the “deal maker”? Did he receive training from someone or what? We have centuries and get almost no real incite into HOW he became the man he is today. I have a better understanding of Zelena than I do Rumple in how their psyche was formed.

Final question, for now anyway: why wasn’t Rumple’s heart dark already? Was he balancing good and bad deeds? Did he fall into a deep depression and not do anything for a century? I only ask because the last time we got a look at Regina’s heart it was pretty dark and she is but a fraction of Rumple’s lifespan. What was Rumple doing? Or not doing? Why hasn’t Merlin (Yen Sid) done something about him?

Oh. Last question: did they explain how he got the castle? And how long he has lived in it? He was living with his son in a small cottage right after he became the vessel. And how the hell is, was, Belle supposed to clean that entire thing herself? Why wasn’t he using magic for that? Oh. Right. He’s a bully and a sadist. Or is that the Dark One causing him to be a sadist? Ugh… making the Dark One a separate entity just made things complicated… but it also answered a question.

A while back, I got into a discussion, and, yes, it was a discussion; it was not an argument, about why when Rumple absorbed Neal/Baelfire to keep him alive, Rumple went crazy…ier than usual. Talking about voices. I said, paraphrasing, “He’s two people now. Duh.” With the Dark One being it’s own entity, we now know there was actually three people in one body. But, still, my “two people in one body” thing was still valid at the time. Robert did a good job with that, too… damn… what awards has he won?

But, yeah, how did Rumple become a pushover? What happened to him that when he got power, it made him want more? How did he calm down from being an emotional wreck? And how come he, plus emotional wreck, plus Dark One, not become a psycho-killer? What was he doing/not doing that Merlin felt Rumple did not need to be dealt with? Why do we not want something to be done about the Dark One until Emma becomes the vessel? And why would Emma NOT be the perfect vessel for the Dark One seeing as how she is the product of true love and true love, supposedly, conquers all?

Other than all those questions forming during the END of the Season 4 finale, everything prior to that was fucking BRILLIANT! The fact that Henry was writing with his mother’s blood at one point was a little disturbing, but, other than that, I had a BLAST!

I did NOT see Emma knowing how to use a sword coming. Was that part of the alternate reality or did she learn while the audience wasn’t watching? That made no sense… Normally when we see Emma, she has a gone. I don’t remember her, at any point, showing interest in learning swordplay. Henry did. In fact, David started to teach him. So, the fact Henry didn’t know how to use a sword surprised me. I was hoping for a small fight between him and gramps. Why? I don’t know. Probably because the Emma/Rumple fight was too short. Why there was a fight at all seeing as how Rumple still had magic…

I need to stop finding connections that “help” me criticize. What made me happy?

Killian being allergic to rum was HYSTERICAL! Ginnifer did a FANTASTIC job being evil; she successfully creeped me out. Hot red dress, too. I felt bad for Josh/David. Killian planning to hold David killing him over his head; kinda cold. And funny. Mostly funny. I really liked Belle in this episode. The chipped cup scene was adorable! Rumpled dropped it this time, and Belle was reassuring, not dismissive. Now, Regina. It was fun to see her in the bandit role. And seeing Zelena happy made me want to jump through the screen and punch her. If that was the point, good job. Back to Regina; her responses to Henry were VERY amusing. That and the fact she wanted to punch Robin Hood in the nose. And then ends up being saved by him. HA! Where the hell was Rolin? And Maleficent? And Red? Oh well. Not important. Everyone’s fine. We can go back to pitying Isaac. 😛