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You can tell a lot about someone by the type of music they listen to.

You can tell a lot about someone by the type of music they listen to.Here’s my list:

  1. Zendaya “Only When You’re Close”

  2. The Chi-Lites “A Letter To Myself”

  3. Inquisition Tavern Songs “Samson”

  4. Jay-Z/Linkin Park “Numb/Encore”

  5. Mya “Fallen”

  6. Britney Spears “Work B**ch”

  7. David Guetta “Bang my Head (feat. Sia)”

  8. Toni Braxton “Seven Whole Days”

  9. Vanessa Hudgens “Say Ok”

  10. Patrick Doyle “In Her Heart”

  11. Major Lazer “All My Love [feat. Ariana Grande]”

  12. Utada Hikaru “Simple and Clean (English Version)”

  13. Basshunter “Now You’re Gone (Radio Edit)”

  14. Steve Schnur “Leliana’s Song (Album)”

  15. Britney Spears “If U Seek Amy”

  16. Amerie “Need You Tonight”

  17. Christina Aguilera “We’re A Miracle”

  18. Ester Dean “Let It Grow (Celebrate The World)”

  19. Rihanna “Rude Boy”

  20. Backstreet Boys “It’s Gotta Be You”

I like hanging out by myself…

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20150804, 0806, 0812, 0906- (Quite the gap)


I finally added more chapters to the fanfic. Four in one day. Jumped from 2 to 6. It was fun! Felt great to be writing again. I’ll probably get more chapters done today. Impulses willing. I want coffee…

20150806- Thursday [17:02]

Everybody has a secret world inside of them. I mean everybody. All of the people in the whole world, I mean everybody – no matter how dull and boring they are on the outside. Inside them they’ve all got unimaginable, magnificent, stupid, amazing words… Not just one world. Hundreds of them. Thousands, maybe.

-Neil Gaiman

20150812- Wednesday [16:48]

You know you’re tired when you can’t add 4 + 12 quickly. Wow…

Spending the day at the library today, looking up quotes to add to Bitstrips comics. Looking up celebrity quotes, now. I get the feeling they’ll have a greater impact on society if they hear something from a celebrity instead of from someone forgotten. Looking up Robert Carlyle and Morgan Freeman at the moment. Carlyle’s HYSTERICAL! Hates the word “hippy”.


Where do you draw the line between research and stalking? Something every reporter and the paparazzi should ask themselves often… I, right now, can’t tell if I’m balancing on the edge of a knife.

20150906- Sunday [15:04]

I went out and bought a new journal today. Saw it in the store, had to have it. I also needed it. After I bought it, I realized that my old journal was becoming a notebook, not something with which to express my feelings.


I bought a Tamagotchi yesterday. I found it at Hot Topic and I couldn’t resist! She slept through the night, thankfully, and, in one day, she has grown a year. Interesting. At least it gives me something to do. That’s not true, I have something to do.

I have been catching up on my OUAT fanfiction. Someone favorited it yesterday. I have nine up on the site right now, I just need the next four chapters typed up and edited before they are added. Unlucky number thirteen. I seem to be having trouble finishing it, but I have gotten more of the fanfic done in two days than I did when I was back in Virginia. The move to Arizona has done more for me than I ever thought it could.

After two hours and three interviews, I got the call center job at Teleperformance. My training starts next week.


I have been doing a lot of research. Different ways to say “said” and “go”; things like that. Improving my vocabulary as much as I can.


I still need to type up my journals entries in my, now, notebook. A little too busy watching NCIS, though…

20150724-0725- Question

Friday [18:32]

New journal. First page was a pain in the ass. Got the date and time on it for my own personal notation… What I find amusing is the fact that I am using it to write down my Academic Transcript from college.

Saturday   [16:00]

I might be moving to Arizona…? Dad has another Country Club opportunity and seeing as how I, once again, have nothing, I’ll probably have to go with him. If he makes the decision to go. We just moved here and we are talking about moving again.

I’ve been trying to get my book published, but I keep running into dead ends. “Words are but pictures of our thoughts,” John Dryden once said and, right now, my thoughts are manic. I don’t know what to do or where to go. My closest friend is an hour’s walk away. People are trying to recruit members of the Alliance so as to break it down. My bank account is in the negative because I didn’t cancel the last student loan payment soon enough, so my dad has to continue paying for everything. The manager at the job I supposedly got hasn’t called me back with the training schedule. My final pay check didn’t come in from my previous job and I lost my login to be able to check if I am going to GET another. I asked the manager about it and didn’t hear back. I may have to go with dad to work and walk over so as to see what’s up with the training.

On the upside, these banquet meals have coupons in some of the boxes and I saw a think on the Rachael show about smart shopping. A woman working full time still needs food stamps to feed her kids, but $267 a month is gone quickly. And she can only afford junk. SO, she was shown how to smart shop for healthy foods and only spent $61.50ish on healthier foods for her family using the deals the store provided. That’s amazing! I told dad about it. He showed interest. I’m gonna see about applying it.

Dad, sis and I saw HOME today. It was funnier than I thought it would be. And the three tickets only cost $12. We snuck in candy, but we bought, dad bought, popcorn there. Rihanna’s songs were played all throughout the movie and they made it fit quite nicely! Wouldn’t mind watching that one again. When I’m not playing Bakery Story. Add me: MonriaTitans! 😛

THAT GAME IS SO ADDICTING! I love and HATE my aunt for introducing it to me! I also learned today that her son is my second cousin, aunt being my grand-aunt. And my cousin’s daughter is my first cousin once removed. Why is she removed? What does “removed” even mean in that sense, anyway? And why must we name everything?


Why are people so fixated on cars? Why doesn’t anyone wanna walk anywhere or take the bus? Why don’t they have bike roads in every state so they can ride on the road without worrying about potentially getting hit? Why are bicycles considered “vehicles”, anyway? Why is there something “wrong with you” if you don’t have a licence or just plain don’t want one? Why do people judge to begin with? Why are there racists, sexists, narcissists and assholes in the world? Why can’t we just accept that not everyone is exactly the same? Why are there people who thing we should all be exactly alike? The only thing we should all be agreeing on is the fact we are human beings and should all be treated with dignity and respect. Equally. We should not be accepting “because you are a woman” or “because you are a man” as reasons to NOT be allowed to do something.

Wanna wear a dress? Go ahead.
Wanna wear high heels? Go ahead.
Wanna be the CEO of a company? Go ahead.

Problem is, people are biased. If a dude is a dick, he’s called a good leader. If a chick tries that, she’s a bitch. She needs to be “nicer”. Fuck you. How about guys get their heads out of their asses and accept the fact that woman can lead and women stop tearing each other down. Girls. Girls need to stop tearing each other down. Women build each other up. Boys are dogs. Men are what women are supposed to be looking for.

I need to start making videos and putting them on YouTube. Again. When I was at mom’s house, it was easier. More privacy. Here… it’s possible, but limited time. I’m too used to having a crappy computer. I need to remember [16:59] I have a laptop with working sound, now. Need to NOT break my headphones with a mike. Could be an issue. I’ll need to make the videos when my dad does NOT have a day off, preferably. Don’t need him interrupting me. Should I sing or talk? Both, perhaps?

Should I start with a review, perhaps? Or should my first video be random. I like random. Rehearsing something would get boring after a while, which would then cause me to start forgetting. I tend to do my best work on the fly, I’ve noticed.

I write journal entries on impulse. I find that amusing. I tend to find everything amusing, until it bores me. Now I have a block…



Bored. Tired. Tired of not getting anywhere. Tired of being nagged like that’s supposed to help.


I wish it wasn’t so hot out. I’d go for a walk. Take the dog, too. Walking my resume to different places seems too desperate. Don’t wanna come off that way.