The Neverending Reading List

Books are the quietest and most constant of friends; they are the most accessible and wisest of counselors, and the most patient of teachers.

Charles W. Eliot

I have decided to start a project called The Neverending Reading List where I will be sharing my book collection with everyone via Instagram. The “Neverending” is a jab at avid readers, myself, who know full well we will never read our entire book collection(s), but we will die trying (and don’t even think about suggesting we get rid of books; thems fightin’ words). I have a few goals for this project, the main ones are to encourage reading, to share resources, and to have a bit of fun!

I’ll be keeping it simple. Take a photo of the front and back of the book, share it as a gallery, and put the book’s summary in the post along with where to find the book. Why only the summary? Because I want you to draw your own conclusions. Lastly, stating the obvious, there will be tags.

I’ll be posting these to my personal Instagram, MonriaTitans (pronounced Mon-Rye-Uh) because expectations are set for the MonriaTitans – WGS Instagram. And TitansMonriArt is, obviously, for art. The other reason I’m posting it to MonriaTitans is inactivity. Now I have something to post to it every day.

(For those who are new, and don’t know what WGS is, I host The Weekend Game Show (WGS) on Twitch with the mission to educate on different aspects of video game development so as to prevent another Cyberpunk 2077 scenario. Also, for empowerment and exposure, promote artists (which is what the MonriaTitans – WGS Instagram is for).)

Context before the warning: I have three Instagrams to keep things organized and from overlapping. TitansMonriArt is for my art, MonriaTitans – WGS is for the Artist Shout-Outs and educational posts with the purpose of empowerment through education and exposure, while MonriaTitans is the one I, jokingly, call my Rantstagram.

Warning: My Rantstagram has a similar theme to the MonriaTitans – WGS‘ Instagram; there are educational posts for the purposes of empowerment through education, but it has a little bit of everything: educational posts, inspirational quotes, product reviews, making fun of stupid people, politics.

If you’re trying to avoid politics, don’t go to this Instagram. There is a separate page listing the books in The Neverending Reading List so you can go directly to the Tumblr posts, and from there the Instagram posts, without having to scroll for them.

However, if you don’t like stupidity, but enjoy laughing at it, my Rantstagram is the place for you.

And if you’re still interested in checking out The Neverending Reading List Instagram Series and/or the Rantstagram in general, then back to our regularly scheduled program.

For transparency, the links to the books will be affiliate links. I am affiliated with, whom I like to call the “Etsy for small business bookstores,” which brings me to my next goal for The Neverending Reading List Instagram Series; I want to make people aware of, whose mission is,

To help local, independent bookstores thrive in the age of ecommerce. We work to connect readers with independent booksellers all over the world. We believe local bookstores are essential community hubs that foster culture, curiosity, and a love of reading, and we’re committed to helping them survive and thrive. Our platform gives independent bookstores tools to compete online and financial support to help them maintain their presence in local communities.

“About BookShop”.

(When I did a Preview of the [Wordpress] post, I found the bookshop link above does not open into a new window. If it is the same for other platforms, I shall provide an update.)

The final goal is, obviously, to get more support for my work. If my link(s) is used to purchase books, I receive a commission. A win for local bookstores, win for, win for you, win for me plus a win for the authors. And, for those trying to get away from Amazon, a punch at Amazon.

More transparency: I am an affiliate of Amazon as well; for those who don’t know, Amazon is the Etsy for everything on a, stating the obvious, grander scale. Many small businesses use Amazon as a platform to get their products seen to support themselves. If Amazon goes down, a lot of small businesses will go down with them. It is the small businesses I support, not Amazon.

In conclusion, I will be doing The Neverending Reading List Instagram Series on my, personal, MonriaTitans Instagram, with the goals of encouraging reading, sharing resources for the development of video games (and other things for shits and giggles), having a bit of fun, to gain exposure for, and to share my MonriaTitans & WGS’ Bookshop in the hopes of getting more support for my work as well as support for the authors.

Well, these are all the updates I have for now. Thank you for reading!
May every decision you make in the future be in the spirit of fairness and may the rest of your day NOT go to $#!7.

The Weekend Game Show’s (WGS’) mission is to educate on different aspects of video game development so as to prevent another Cyberpunk 2077 scenario. Also, for empowerment and exposure, promote artists.

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