“FFXIV – Luna Freia, Part 1” Video Now on YouTube!

The video is age-restricted due to the rating of the game.

Above is Part 1 of Luna Freia’s story! Join Luna on her journey to become the most powerful, and hopefully wealthiest, Arcanist in History!

I had mentioned before I wanted to play Final Fantasy XIV on stream, but couldn’t because my computer wasn’t powerful enough to handle it. So, I decided to record myself playing it to have another YouTube exclusive (for those who don’t know, the Let’s Read Some $#!7 videos are (now) YouTube exclusive).

In this video series, I’ll be showing you how to play the game as an Arcanist; you get two for one with this class! Luna will eventually become both a Scholar and a Summoner.

World: Diabolos
Name: Luna Freia
Race: Hyur
Clan: Highlander
Guardian: Thaliak – The Scholar
Class: Arcanist (Lv. 12)
Location: Mizzenmast Inn

The plan for Luna is to play as a Summoner for everything but the Duties. Why? Because the Scholar is a Healer, making it so they don’t have to wait as long for the Duties.

Now, this won’t be a traditional “How-to”: I’m not going to break everything down unless I feel the impulse to do so. However, if you have questions, feel free to leave them in the comments and/or the #final-fantasy-xiv discord channel, which will be linked in all the videos.

Lastly, these videos are age-restricted because of the rating of the game.

I hope you enjoy the journey with me! If not, I don’t need to know.
Keep it to yourself. Keep scrolling.
Constructive feedback only.

Information about both characters I’ve created will be in the #final-fantasy-xiv Discord channel, which you can find at https://discord.gg/6eZdmJVTfA.

Watch me play other games live at https://www.twitch.tv/monriatitans.

The Monday, April 25, 2022, Artist Shout-Out, which was shown in the above video, goes to AB art!
See the Tumblr post below!

Dawn Richard – Wild N’ Faith

Dawn Richard – Wild N’ Faith

I was introduced to this song while taking Introductory Poetry in college. Our professor had asked for volunteers to play a song that had an obvious rhythm, or something of the sort, and one of my classmates played this.

I’ve been listening to it ever since…

What do you think?

The video is weird. Really, really weird.

In my opinion. If you like it, then disregard my previous statement.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

Published on Aug 29, 2012

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